Sample packages

Our pricing is elastic and highly depends on

  • project type and deadline
  • infrastructure size and configuration
  • a number of applications and dev teams

One-time projects

from € 50 / hour
  • Proof-of-concept projects
  • Ready to use and automated
  • Up to 160 hours

Long-term agreement

from € 1500 / month
  • Active monitoring
  • Nightly deployments
  • IM availability in office hours
  • Collaboration with developers
  • From 20 hours
One time and proofs-of-concept

We are often hired by early-stage startups looking for investors to develop proofs-of-concept for future financing rounds. We work quick and efficient without need for expensive on-site staff or hardware.


We design, build and maintenance entire infrastructures from scratch both bare-metal based on dedicated servers and fully virtualized in public clouds having in mind your big picture goals.

Servers and software migrations

We migrate data from bare-metal to public clouds, from public cloud to bare-metal, between clouds and different providers. We upgrade, develop and optimize existing systems.

Case studies


Instrastructure design

Boost communications

Boost Communications is a mobile advertising company based in Norway which focuses on the Scandinavian, UK and Middle East markets. Before finding the SysAdmin GURUs, they owned bare metal servers that were kept and maintained by a third-party hosting company. This solution of owning hardware while outsourcing tasks proved to be fiscally irresponsible and plagued with poor communication.

The third-party IT staff was focused only on tickets generated by programmers, and approached them simply and without big-picture development in mind. Their job was to clear tickets, and nothing more. As such, communication between the hosting company and Boost was ineffective and did not support their long-term planning or growth goals.

Our task was to build a high-availability infrastructure solution for their core product and the hosting of new business applications. A secondary goal was to prepare staging environments for in-house developers, and migrate existing services from the previous overpriced datacenter.

The Sysadmin GURUs collaborate with Boost developers on a daily basis, tuning server configurations, monitoring, virtualization and maintaining uptime.

Technological stack

  • Ansible configuration management
  • KVM virtualization
  • Nginx web servers and load-balancing
  • Failover with Keepalived (VRRP)
  • Redis multi-instance cluster
  • PotgreSQL databases
  • Ruby with Ruby on Rails, bundler and chruby
  • PHP


We use the Ansible configuration management tool to automate deployments and to have better control over the servers we work on. All changes are kept in a git repository enabling version control, deep insight and easy rollback capabilities.


We provide proactive server and service monitoring with fast incident response times. Nightly deployments and software updates ensure that required maintenance is undertaken during optimum time windows, avoiding peak traffic.


We have built a 100% virtualized environment for Boost. Virtual machines offer software developers isolated and constrained testing environments. Our resource-optimized network architecture has embedded load-balancing capabilities with automatic failover during outages.

Kubernetes and Terraform

As a result of the rapid growth of Boost, we are assisting them with an expansion into cloud technology. Tasks involved include application migration and creating new application environments. Using Kubernetes gives their infrastructure auto-scaling and rollback capabilities, and Terraform simplifies the provisioning of services in the public cloud.

Other services

We deliver a comprehensive portfolio of services for Boost, including responsibility for backups, databases, DNS, VPN, mail gateways, firewalls, network security and much more.


Before After
An overpriced and outdated hosting provider Cost-effective dedicated virtual environments
No failover capabilities Load-balanced architecture with automatic failover
No configuration management Infrastructure-as-Code with Ansible
Cumbersome and ineffective support Modern DevOps collaboration between admins and developers

Server and software migration

Gear up

Gear-Up is a major computer vendor based in the United Arab Emirates and operating throughout the Middle East. Their e-commerce platform is built on top of the Magento engine. Gear-Up trusted the Sysadmin GURUs to migrate their Magento platform from shared to dedicated hosting. By doing so, we were able to improve response times, create new and segregated environments for developers, and provide support for secure transactions and DSS-PCI compliance.

Technological stack

  • Ansible configuration management
  • Nginx web server
  • MySQL database
  • Magento e-commerce software

Data migration

The first task we tackled was to move their Magento platform from a shared hosting provider to a dedicated server. This move to a dedicated server ensured faster performance, gave more server configuration flexibility, and allowed us to run background tasks like nightly product imports on demand.

Server configuration

We developed a secure and responsive web server configuration in Nginx. Meanwhile, we also created a tuned and dedicated MySQL database capable of supporting high request rates. Strict system privileges help separate applications from each other, and allow multiple developers to work simultaneously on different projects. The entire configuration was written and automated using Ansible.

DSS-PCI Compliance

We were able to ensure DSS-PCI compliance for Gear-Up, building a server configuration that is prepared to meet all requirements and security tests. HTTPS support was also implemented, further improving security and boosting SEO performance, driving more clients to visit and complete their purchases quickly and securely.


Before After
Inconvenient and inefficient shared hosting A dedicated web server with failover and high availability
No independently scheduled background tasks Complete configuration flexibility for ad hoc and scheduled maintenance
No testing environment Multiple virtual environments for secure development and testing
Poor and slowly reacting support Fast incident response with multiple communications workflows

Proofs of concept

We are often hired by early-stage startups looking for investors to develop proofs-of-concept for future financing rounds. We are able to quickly and efficiently create proofs-of-concept without expensive on-site staff or hardware.

Due to the restrictive nature of non-disclosure agreements, we often cannot reveal the identities of our clients.

Projects protected with NDAs include:

  • A Terraform-based framework for a financial services company creating flexible AWS infrastructures
  • Web clusters designed for efficient and secure application hosting
  • Containerized high-availbility multi-customer MongoDB clusters

Whether you’re a start-up looking for the first step on your road to global conquest, or are an established business with bespoke needs, let us know how the SysAdmin GURUs can help.

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