Automation and Configuration Management

“The modern DevOps movement wouldn’t be a reality without configuration management to track and control changes.” - Marcin Hlybin

DevOps is about ensuring agile and effective collaboration between people. Automation and configuration management tools are the foundation of the modern IT stack. We offer the expertise to ensure that automation tools are effectively used to bolster your IT business processes, and deliver tangible benefits in time and money saved.


Without automation, the task of designing and maintaining application and software environments is resource-intensive and presents mitigable risks due to human error.

Ansible IT Automation

Ansible offers application deployment, configuration management and continuous delivery in a simple and automated way. It was designed to be minimal in nature so as not to impact the environment, while being consistent, safe and secure, as well as highly reliable.

We have been using Ansible since its release to easily orchestrate and manage environments with 100+ virtual servers, complex configurations, and to deploy applications for our clients.


Terraform Cloud-Vendor Independence


Infrastructure in the cloud is safely and predictably created, changed and improved using the Terraform Infrastructure-as-Code (IaC) software. Our clients are able to create multiple programming environments to meet software development best practices, without becoming vendor-dependent and allowing for easy migration to other systems. This allows them to deliver rapid prototypes and proofs-of-concept which is crucial for startups and agile businesses.

Docker Distributed Apps, Microservices and Kubernetes

Containerization is the process of using OS-level virtualization to create containers that run a single Linux instance, enabling efficient resource usage of distributed applications and microservices.

Docker enables our clients to quickly deploy code and make changes on the fly. Containers make code deployment convenient, and are portable across different infrastructures. They also ensure system and application consistency between production and development environments.

Kubernetes is a system for automating deployment, scaling and management of containerized applications.


Python Programming


Not all problems have a ready software solution, and often custom coding is required. We use our Python expertise to expand the capabilities of existing software stacks and fix any encountered bugs. If that still proves to be insufficient, we write custom solutions to meet the challenging technological needs of our clients. Python enables us to optimize IT business processes, automate cumbersome tasks, and create intuitive tools and wrappers that can be used by both programmers and non-technical staff.