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All things Linux server and infrastructure related: Ansible, Terraform, Kubernetes, Amazon Web Services and more.

The Sysadmin GURUs are the professionals to trust for monitoring, automation, virtualization, configuration and performance tuning.

Linux administration

We have comprehensive experience with critical services and systems. We manage web and database servers for applications written in PHP, Ruby, Python and Java with focus on automation with Ansible.

Cloud deployments

We develop highly-available and scalable infrastructures to make your business ready to grow. Virtualization and cloud deployments for AWS, Google Cloud and Azure with Terraform and Kubernetes.


We provide active monitoring with fast incident response times, ensuring seamless operation and keeping business-critical applications available when needed.



Server configuration management, application deployments with rollback capabilities, complete automation.

Ansible expert



Low-level infrastructure deployments, virtual networks, servers, security groups, VPNs, infrastructure as code (IaC)

Cloud management



Developing and fixing software, programming recurring tasks, writing plugins, filters, wrappers, monitoring checks and other custom tools

Python programming



Scaling, management and automating deployments of virtual clusters, containerization, docker, container orchestration

Kubernetes containers

Linux server administration

Configuration Management

If you have a large, complicated, or virtual Linux server environment, proper configuration management is critical to maintain security, performance and availability of services on-site and in the cloud.

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Performance Tuning

Linux server installations, regardless of distro, are typically poorly optimized and require performance tuning to operate at their most efficient. We identify and eliminate bottlenecks from the back-end to what is delivered to the end-user, ensuring consistent performance and high availability.

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Server Monitoring

Maintaining high-availability and reliability depends on being quickly alerted to issues and correcting them before they can impact users.

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Backup and Restore

Data protection starts with regular back-ups and tested, reliable restores. People often turn to backups when a crisis has already happened. True story. We implement full and incremental backups to give you peace-of-mind and guarantee continuation of business in the event of any system failure.

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Load-Balancing, Failover and High Availability

Your business-critical applications need special care to ensure they survive hardware and traffic failures. We design and build self-healing IT infrastructures for organizations of all sizes to limit downtime and increase service reliability.

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Administration and Maintenance of Existing Systems

Do you have an existing IT environment that needs the care of a professional Linux system administrator? Have you scaled beyond the capabilities or expertise of your existing in-house IT team? Maybe you just need a part-time, remotely-based expert to keep the lights on.

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A Wealth of Experience and Expertise

We have comprehensive and firsthand experience with critical services, systems and languages spanning the gamut of Linux distros and capabilities. Examples of technologies we work with include: Programming Languages like PHP, Ruby, Python and Java.

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Dedicated servers and Public Cloud

Whether you’re running bare-metal servers from Hetzner, OVH and other hosting companies or are running a virtualized environment entirely in the cloud, we can deliver the performance and capabilities you need to grow your business.

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The Genuine DevOps Experience

"With 10 years of experience in systems administration, I put together a team of IT professionals. As DevOps engineers, we understand the critical work that programmers are relied on to deliver on a daily basis.

We know their code, we can identify system errors before they strike, we can make adjustments on the fly and we can fix bugs as we see them. This is because we’re also programmers who have been in the trenches, and are experienced with the technologies they use."

Marcin Onufry Hlybin
Founder, DevOps Engineer

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